Tuesday, February 17, 2015


In the city of Bronzeville, IL there are a ton of buildings that are being torn down since it is old. But what people don’t know is the history of the building itself and what the building was used for a long time ago. Brownsville has a bad reputation and has liquor stores in almost every corner. The city of Brownsville is just more than that. There are buildings in Bronzeville that made American history not just “African American history”. Bronzeville has its own culture and people to go with it.

I went on a field trip to Bronzeville, IL with the Multicultural services at Lewis University. We visited different locations in the neighborhood, but one location stuck out to me the most, the Quinn Chapel Ame Church. The chapel has been around since the proclamation. It might just look like any other normal church, but what makes the Quinn Chapel special is the history of it. It was used as a place to host meetings since at the time African Americans weren’t allowed to do as much. The pastor gave us a tour guide around the church and explained the importance of the church and the rich history it has. After every historical subject that he told us he said,” It’s American history. From an African American perspective.” 

photo essay audience context

To show not all the buildings in cities are just old business. Just because a building is in a bad neighborhood doesn't there isn't rich history in it. People with great pride are always saying where they are from and put their city on a high pedestal, but don’t know the history behind their city and great landmarks in it as well. To open up people’s minds to go out and learn not only about their own city but other cities as well. Also not to judge a city from the news and to actually go out there and do their own research. Point out positive outcomes.

The audience I am aiming is more towards history major students. I want them to get knowledge that they can’t get from reading a book. The students, in order for them to understand history, the best way is by actually visiting places and get someone to talk to them that actually knows and understands the place or whatever the subject maybe.

I will go on a field trip to visit the church. It will take place at 24th place and Wabash where the church is located. The audience will get enlighten on the history of the chapel. 

Design plan for photo essay

I want the audience to feel enlighten on American history, right in our backyard in Bronzeville, IL. I want the audience to be more open minded to old buildings that they see on a daily basis, because they might pass by a building that has so much history in it and didn’t even know. I will be using photographs to show the chapel. I will include the view of the church, the insides of the chapel, and the pastor as well. The way I will do that is by photographing the Quinn Chapel. The chapel is located in Bronzeville, IL. I will be going on a field trip to the chapel and I will take pictures using my camera on my cellphone. The way I want to portray my self is someone who captures the right pictures to make the audience feel as if they were at the chapel. I want the audience to feel enlighten. Also to get inspired to go out and do research on old buildings around their own neighborhoods. Not every old building that you see in bad neighborhoods should be torn down. There are buildings where famous people have talked in and not a lot of people know. It can be little things like that, that can inspire the community to do better and want better. They can also gain a sense of pride for living in a community with so much history. The way I will be setting up my essay is by showing what I saw during the visit at the chapel. My pictures will be in black and white to give it more of the old look feeling to it.

Photo essay: American History. Through an African American View