Thursday, January 22, 2015

Writing and Design

The discussion of the connections between writing and design helped me to better understand about written communication. When doing a presentation, it doesn't always have to be about words. Pictures can even better explain a topic since it can be used as visual aid. Also having a balance of visual and also writing. If I want the audience to focus more on the visual then I would have the picture bigger and more noticeable than the writing. Another thing is "attention grabber". If I would to have sentences on a presentation I can lose the audience since I am reading it word for word. The audience would read ahead of me and not be interested anymore since they will know what I will be saying. Instead, put phrases. Audience won't know as much and they will need to listen to the speaker in order for them to make connections or understand what the speaker is presenting. Also when it comes to writing you can't be as creative when doing a presentation, where you can design it, in a way that the audience can get a better feel/ understanding of the topic. Whether it is adding pictures, or changing up the style font as well.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What i think about blogs

What i think about blogs

Honestly I think in a way we all blog. Using social media like Facebook or twitter can be used as a blog.  People put up statuses on what they are doing, where they are at, what they think of issues or topics, the types of things they like and dislike, and even relationship topics. Unlike a blog, people can also put up pictures as well. Just like a blog it can be seen by anyone. Some people use it as a journal type of thing, while others use it for business. Whether it is a personal or business matter there are thoughts and opinions still being put out there as if it was a blog. 

I think having a blog for a college writing class would be a good use. Some students might be afraid to ask in person but when it comes to saying what one thinks some people feel more comfortable saying it behind a screen.  I think it would be used the same way as the guy who works for the IBM. He uses it so he can get 2 cents from other people in a quicker response. Getting feedback from different views is helping him grow as a writing.